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Team Building Activity

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In order to have a better mental outlook of employees , enhance the team momentum and improve teamwork, our company organized a team building activity.In order for everyone to better integrate into this team building activity, the coach first let us experience military management, absolute obedience, and a preliminary understanding of the meaning of the team. One is prosperous, and all is vulnerable.

After a simple warm-up exercise, we divided into 2 groups and started the competition of the first project.

The first project is a multi-person walk on a single-plank bridge, that is, a dozen people stand on the same board and lift their feet at the same time everyone has to lift the board. we felt that it was really difficult before the start, because it was a collective Project, and every body has our own ideas and rhythms, once one person loses his mind, it will affect the entire team. But the arrow was already on the string and had to be sent,  through the leadership of the captain, everyone concentrated and shouted slogans in unison, and both teams successfully completed the task.

The second project is the dragon dance, which requires everyone to make a dragon out of balloons. See who has the shortest time and who dances better. Everyone has their own responsibilities, and the division of labor is clear,all the two team did very well.

The third project is to step on the floating board to cross the river. This is a project that tests people’s unity, because 8 people only have 4 boards, which means that 8 people must step on 3 floating boards at the same time then have possiable to get the 4th board to go forward.it’s really very very difficult. We tried many methods.but failed. In the end, everyone hugged tightly, tried to compress the gap between people, and completed the task very hard.

The last project was equally difficult. Dozens of people formed a circle and swayed the rope at the same time. After 50 attempts at first, we found that my hands were easy to hurt and my waist was sore, but everyone still bit it, broke our limits and finished 800 challenges, everyone was amazed.

This team building activity enriched our spare time, relieved work pressure, and we know each other more better and become more intimate. 

Through this team building, we also stimulated the potential and cognition, empowered each other, and enhanced the spirit of teamwork and struggle.