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  • Professional Veterinary Orthopedic Expert
    Professional Veterinary Orthopedic Expert
    Changzhou XC medico which specialized in veterinary orthopedic implant and instrument for more than 10 years. For now our main product is veterinary spinal system and veterinary trauma system. For spine system we supply polyaxial pedicle screws from Φ2.0-Φ4.0., Φ3.5mm titanium rod , cross link (35mm
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  • Team Building Activity
    Team Building Activity
    In order to have a better mental outlook of employees , enhance the team momentum and improve teamwork, our company organized a team building activity.In order for everyone to better integrate into this team building activity, the coach first let us experience military management, absolute obedience
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  • Distributor Mechanism
    Distributor Mechanism
    Changzhou XC Medico Technology Co., Ltd. has accumulated many customers after years of development, and our veterinary products have very good feedback in South American and European markets.Therefore, many customers also hope to be franchisees of our products. After discussing in a meeting, our com
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  • Sales Promotion in March
    Sales Promotion in March
    Firstly, we sincerely thank you for all in the past.Time flies, February has passed in the twinkling of an eye and it’s March now.In China, manufacturers always have the two sales seasons in March and September, with the biggest promotions and discounts throughout the year, and we XC Medico are no e
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