Sales Promotion in March
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Sales Promotion in March

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Firstly, we sincerely thank you for all in the past.

Time flies, February has passed in the twinkling of an eye and it’s March now.

In China, manufacturers always have the two sales seasons in March and September, with the biggest promotions and discounts throughout the year, and we XC Medico are no exception, as to promote the sales of the goods as well as express thanks to our clients. The sales promotion launched by the Sales Department mainly consists of five activities:

10-25% off for all orthopedic implants: Spinal Pedicle Screw, Distal Radius Plate, Intramedullary Nail and so on.

5-15% off for surgical instruments, for example Small Fragment Instrument Set, Broken Screw Removal Set;

Up to 50% off for certain items, MIS Screws, FNS, Gamma Nails, etc.

50$-800$ coupons waiting for you: 50$ coupon for any order of 1000$, 800$ coupon for any of 1000$.

Free instruments or box for big order: free instruments or free screw racks for big orders, if you need, please ask the salesmen about the free items.

Besides, XC Medico provides a lot of extra services as always: Free shipping for domestic express; Customized package; Mark the client’s own logo; Provide OEM & ODM and so on.

It is the best time to purchase. Better price, Same quality!

For now, we have 9 main series of orthopedic products, Spinal System, Intramedullary Nail System, Trauma Plate System, Locking Plate System, Medical Power Tool System, General Instrument System, External Fixation System, Veterinary Orthopedic Implants System, Maxillofacial Neurosurgical System.

With CE & ISO Certificates our products have been exported to many countries, like USA, UK, Canada.

XC Medico has a professional team of engineers and salesmen to provide you the best service.

If you want more information, we are always at your service waiting for you here.